The natural stones of Indonesia are obtained from solidified lava, and contain a mineral called zeolite. Its ionic properties purify the water, lowering the necessary amount of chlorine or salt, and the low porosity works as a barrier against bacteria on its surface and keeps the water temperature stable. It is a very non-slippery material and does not require special care.

It is possible – and attractive! – to mix the Sukabumi stones with Black Lava. You can alternate stones of the same size randomly, or surround the pool with a perimeter of Black Lava 15 × 15 and fill the interior with Sukabumi 10 × 10, for example.


Sizes (cm):

• Green Stone Sukabumi

10×10, 15×15, 10×20,  20×20, 10×30,  10×40,  20×30,  20×40, 20×60

• Black Lava:

10×10,  15×15, 10×20, 20×20,  10×40,  20×40,  30×30, 30×60,  40×40,  40×60

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You can also install these stones in bathrooms, kitchens, floors, hallways, terraces, fountains, paths … Their beauty will add charm to any space.

Now you can order flexible cement, joint and protector too! The protectors seal the stone to prevent stains. They are applied in thin layers, staying transparent and avoiding osmosis. They provide a constant visual effect of ‘wet stone’, or ‘dry stone’, since Sukabumi stones change to a more intense color in contact with water. You can renew these layers by removing the old layer with water with pressure and then reapplying the sealer. It is recommended to use the sealers on the waterline following the perimeter of the pool.

Is it possible to use these stones in pools with natural water high in lime? Yes! In fact, it is beneficial for its cleansing qualities. Just be sure to apply two coats of sealer to all of the stones.