Indian Green this stone is from quartzite collection. It has very beautiful surface.

We recommend this type of stone for big-size swimming pools and if the visual effect is very important for your project. Using right light and small wave, the refraction of light of many facets seems the kaleidoscope from our childhood.
The size is 30x15 and 30x30. It has very beautiful sight but it is less strong.

We recommend additional protection with two component coating that can be found in many shops.


Indian Green 1m2

30cm x 30cm x 1cm  28.6€+VAT
15cm x 30cm x 1cm  28.6€+VAT 

If you like to order your beautiful swimmig pool with Indian Green Stone just fill the form below or call us by the phone:

  Hardness Protection Top Swimming pool heating  Water cleaning Dark pool Light pool Size Sizes upon request
Indian Green * Total pool area *** No If you would like to obtaine the brightnes, use the top with wet effect If you would like to obtaine the darkness, use the top with dry effect 30*15         30*30 30*60             60*60
Green Stone *** Top coat is needed only where the stone doesn´t cover with water  *** Reducing the usage of chlorine or salt to 20% per day The stone to turn dark with water contact  The stone turns darker with water contact 10*10       15*15  
    Ptotect coat can be one or two component     Ptotect top can be one or two component      

*** excellent
** well
* weak

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