New concept for swimming pools - masonry from natural stone Green Stone.

Green stone is not only beautiful and modern way of laying pools, it contains an acolyte, the mineral that cleans water, reducing the usage of chlorine or salt to 20% per day, allowing us to enjoy water with a much lower level of chemical aggressiveness, your skin and eyes will be pleased.




Green Sukabumi Stone was found in Indonesia and became the most popular and famous in the world.
One of the most important features of the Green Stone - it's absolutely not slippery, what makes it safe for children and adults.
Green stone is universal and easily adapted aesthetically for modern, classical, colonial and other styles.
It has a special natural green color. a Lot of high class hotels choose it for swimming pools. Green sukabumi stone has the same to andesite endurance and hardness. In wet condition it becomes more green even in dry one.


Green Stone 10cm x 10cm x 1cm 26€+VAT 
Green Stone 15cm x 15cm x 1cm On request

So if you have 100m2 swimming pool the Green Stone tiles will cast only 2600€

Sukabumi is perfect for any of your ideas

Why you should choose it?

Elegant and Exotic

Thermally stable and endurance in all condition

Green Stone will stay cool because it could absorb the heat slowly

Has a high density as Andesite

Water resistant

Anti Slip tiles in wet condition

Has a very low absorption rate

Green Stone Sukabumi has a high abrasion resistance

Don't waste a time!

If you like to order your perfect swimmig pool with Green Stone just fill the form below or call us by the phone:

+34 747 76 62 37

Substance which is contains in green stone sukabumi according the laboratory test:

  Hardness Protection Top Swimming pool heating  Water cleaning Dark pool Light pool Size Sizes upon request
Indian Green * Total pool area *** No If you would like to obtaine the brightnes, use the top with wet effect If you would like to obtaine the darkness, use the top with dry effect 30*15         30*30 30*60             60*60
Green Stone *** Top coat is needed only where the stone doesn´t cover with water  *** Reducing the usage of chlorine or salt to 20% per day The stone to turn dark with water contact  The stone turns darker with water contact 10*10       15*15  
    Ptotect coat can be one or two component     Ptotect top can be one or two component      

*** excellent
** well
* weak

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